19 January 2000

course; Larkhill

location; near Salisbury,Wiltshire.

co-pilot writes

Arguably britains best point to point course this vast galloping circuit on salisbury plain with its well made, permanent fences is also the busiest with seven meetings scheduled for this season.

For the punter this is one of the best viewing courses around. The last four fences being ideally placed for maximum excitement assuring a great afternoon of entertainment. Those with binoculars have a slight advantage.

Cold and rain attract to this course like winning tickets to a pay window and in January and February when you get cold here you stay cold. When it rains there's nowhere to hide so adequate clothing and footwear are a must.

Leading rider Tim Mitchell surveys the damage after a slight mishap at the ditch.


Larkhill fences take no prisoners and many of the Keighley/Barber horses learned their trade on this course as they headed for the heights of Cheltenham.

See More Business after winning restricted (division one) in the hands of Polly Curling 18th March 1995


There was a time only a few years ago when during the mild May meetings the cloudless sky would ring with the trill of skylarks (from which the course gets its name) and for racegoers venturing away from the ring, the centre of the course contained sea of wild flowers and grasses the sight of which could never fail to lift the spirits of those who had the eyes to see.


Sadly, in recent years the grass has been mowed to within an inch of its life and the flowers have all gone, and so have most of the skylarks.

When will they ever learn.