course; Tweseldown

location; near Aldershot, Hampshire

co-pilot writes,

A friendly mix of family town folk and farmers give this charming course a jolly atmosphere with bars, sweet stalls and outfitters normally doing a roaring trade.

Racing itself can be variable, large fields often make the start but only a handful of runners reach the stands for a second appearance and these are further reduced before the business end if the race where close finishes are uncommon.

There are two main landmarks at tweseldown; the first being probably the cutest point to point stand in the country with its ornate facias and slate roof, and the famous hill in the centre of the course where punters strain for a glimpse of their fancy obscured for much of the race by oaks and birches.

The ancient but serviceable facilities include the timber building inhabited by the secretary and the stewards.the former contains an open wood fire whos aroma never fails to trigger memories of kathmandu in the 1970s.

Across the gravel courtyard are the riders changing rooms and in a further room is found the metal tripod under which hangs a swinging seat. This contraption known as the scales, is the final test for placed and often exhausted riders who must reverse onto the seat complete with saddle to weigh in.

Caution; wellies a must.

Balance and Godfrey Maundrell take the water in fine style during Members race 9 January 2000